Try not to stick to the same style of poker for money

Almost all pastry chefs know that if a child likes some kind of sweetness, even as he grows up, he will love it, regardless of anything. In this poker is somewhat similar with sweets. If a player has chosen for himself a certain style of playing in poker, then he will use it for almost his entire career. But the fact that you like your game’s developed tactics does not mean that it is the best.
A variety of styles of poker is your trump card!
The tight style is the first thing that a beginner who plays on semi-premium or premium hands begins to stick with. But, no matter how regrettable, for many years they have not changed this style. The ability to change, learn and adapt to the conditions of the game and other poker players is what a professional needs. Always consider:
stack size;
the style of play rivals;
competition time;
other nuances of the game.
Beginners poker players sometimes choose a loose style, which is held for quite a long time. Poker is like driving a car. On the highway, we add speed, but near schools we start to move slowly. A quick ride does not mean that you are driving around and you love speed. It is simply related to increasing driver experience. To attribute oneself to a separate type of player is a mistaken way. You should always take an example from a chameleon, make adjustments if necessary, especially if the rivals do not.
Too tight poker for money can be made more loose. To do this, it is better to study all possible ways. First try to raise more often if you belong to the category of excellent players. Raise on the hands that made you call. For this you can use, for example, suited Q-J. Also in situations in which you would set on the lane, using pocket pairs, take a more aggressive stance and reraise. It is lovers and beginners who rarely use reraise. In their game, it is only 5%.

Poker professionals make these moves 2 times more, going for it more consciously. But to overcome the tightness in the game will not succeed only with a single reraise. Players who are loaded in a tight style need to make loose calls on the button with a pre-roll. You can also bet or raise the flop to pick up the pot. This will help you if you have earned the image of a tight player.