Suited connectors – how to play them?

Have you come across suited connectors while playing poker? In fact, they rarely make up the finished hand on the flop. And, since they are usually low cards, they respectively make a pair on the flop, and in this situation you can at best expect to receive a second or third hand according to your strength. But we all understand that this is not the hand with which it will be possible to declare a large bet. And, here we are talking not only about making a pair on the flop for a particular advantageous situation. With such cards on hand, we usually always want to flop either two pairs or one stronger hand – for example, a set, a finished flush, a full house, a straight, and so on. Here you can even not carry out mathematical calculations, it is already obvious that this will happen to you in five percent of all cases. But, on the topic of suited connectors and how to play them properly, so that you can continue to retain your reputation as a successful player and make money from poker, we want to dwell more …
Suited connectors – when you should play them
It is appropriate to play such hands in inexpensive pots, in which not too many players participate. In order for you to go to zero in the case of drawing such hands, when the rare hand you need is formed on the flop, we will need to win an amount that would be twenty times the size of our investments. So, if we entered the pot with the help of a limp after two of our opponents, then the player holding the small blind position will most likely call, and the player holding the big blind position will most likely check. Accordingly, we will put one big blind in the pot and its size will be five big blinds. Of course, we need to, in those cases where our hand is formed, there are twenty blinds from other opponents in the pot. And, if four participants take part in the distribution, then it is likely that one of these four will also have a hand, and the pot will grow to the size we need. In order for us to get the profit we need, the size of which will be the sum of twenty big blinds, it will be possible to declare a bet, the size of which will be equal to the pot, and then conduct a bet of two thirds of the pot. The money that we get on top of this amount will make up our real winnings.
Another option is to announce a two-thirds bet on all three straights. But, the best option we would consider is the one thanks to which you can really win money. So, in the case of a call, the situation with a big bet is one of the most beneficial for us.