Poker kick problems

There is another advantage to using scary cards on the turn. If the opponent has already realized that you continue to act aggressively, using aces, kings and ladies, you need to use it for your own purposes. For example, this way you can extract extra-value, although usually it does not work for you.
Imagine the following situation. You raise with a button from the A3o position. You have a home game. There is one call in the blind. Each player plays in his own way well. Opponents wonderfully know each other’s habits. The opponent does not consider it necessary to defend the blind with a small change. For this, even suited connectors are not used. You put an ace on the table, use small and even medium pairs.
You can even use some Broadway. Of course, a poker player will consider himself ahead of your range on the style and the button. The result is a wood flop like J-hi. The opponent goes on the check and calls the pin bet. Behind you – put a jack or an average pocket card pair on the table with which your opponent would play on check-calling. Then the main thing on the turn is to catch the ace. This is followed by a second check from the opponent. And then – just a matter of technology and a standard draw.
Here you need to control the sweat, check behind you, and end the call with a reasonable bet on the river. Although you can put it in the case of a check. This is the best way out of a similar situation. Many players use it quite often, and some will prefer it forever.
But, if the player knows you well, you will have to make a full bet on the turn. After all, the opponent is ready for the fact that you will put a “terrible” card, and this will drive him into a corner. An opponent, even against his will, will be obliged to call a check, otherwise he will lose you sweat, every time an overcard comes onto the board.
You should expect your beta to call, but make a small bet on the river to call, hoping to catch you bluffing. As a result of the combination, you will have 3 streets of value cards, as well as top pair with a kicker, but weak. Using overcards on the turn for your interests, you move to a new level of play. And even thinking. And keep your banknotes intact and increase your income.