Poker game for beginners – your main tips

Knоwing the rulеs of the gаme of poker is, of course, wonderful. However, as practice shows, in spite of the fact that all those who play poker are more or less familiar with the rules of the game, yet some players are luckier and luckier than others.
Do not think that to read hands will be so simple and easy if it goes about playing the flop. According to those who play poker for the first year and have certain hand reading skills, playing the flop is the most deceptive, because the strength of the hands can change completely. True, if you ate it, it would be a little comforting – it is also difficult for your opponent to read you, just like you – him. But, nevertheless, we could not leave you without a couple of clues.
So, if your opponent, who often bets on Sbety, rarely does check-raise, and at the same time raises the flop – you can be sure that he has a strong hand. Even if not as strong as he would have liked, but it is superior to at least one pair. Where did we get this from? Passive phones raise only with very strong hands (with great gaming potential).
Rider theorem
In poker, as in any other game (regardless of its degree of gambling), has its own axioms and theorems. And, with one of them, for a snack, we will introduce you. This theorem, it concerns the level of the game, when you reach the turn and river, micro and low limits. So, in a raised bank, players usually show the hand that they represent, especially when it comes to the situation in a position. At high limits, the situation may change, but this picture is typical for a game with small bets.
Today we looked at tips that can make the poker game for beginners clearer and clearer. It turns out that reading the hands of an opponent is not so difficult. And, at the same time, it is not at all necessary to watch how his left eye twitches or how his nostrils swell. Everything is much easier. This is, after all, poker …